"Our trusted partner Factory Automation Limited replaced the control system of a 25 year old thermoforming machine with a state of the art modern control system which has the machine running as good as new. As a result, we have been able to protect our substantial investment in this high volume machinery. Thanks to Factory Automation’s state of the art control technology and software, and their excellent on site support, we are confident that we can meet our rapidly expanding production demands well into the future."

Colm Gowran - Director - Enform Plastics Limited

“Very impressed with FAL and how well you have delivered our project.”

William Dick - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Civil Struct & Env. Eng, Trinity College Dublin & CEO of Swirl Generators Ltd. (Former CEO of Wavebob)

SGL would also like to thank Factory Automation Limited (FAL) for their high quality of work and attention to detail. FAL were very accommodating to our demanding schedule, responded to issues promptly as they arose, and showed flexibility to changing design requirements.

Dr. Chris Signorelli - Manager, Research and Development, Swirl Generators Limited

“Thanks for your excellent professional support…"

Lar O'Shea - Engineering Manager Microsemi Ireland

“During the development of two Wave Energy Converter prototypes for Sea Power, Factory Automation demonstrated both excellent expertise and a high level of commitment and passion for success. The ability of Factory Automation to innovate enabled them to overcome all technical challenges to achieve not just a successful outcome, but one which exceeded our expectations.”

Joe Murtagh - Technical Director Sea Power Ltd

“When Factory Automation partnered with us to create the Artificial Sky, they provided us with a comprehensive solution to our specification. We were impressed by their professionalism in all aspects of the design, build, wiring, software, commissioning and documentation.”

Donal Lennon - Manager UCD Earth Institute