01Turnkey Automated Systems


From concept to on-site commissioning and maintenance, we  are pleased to offer turnkey solutions.

02Detailed Mechanical Design


We use 2D and 3D CAD design packages to and undertake detailed design of machine parts and tooling.

03Custom Electrical Design


We design all controls required and any customised electronics that may be required for a project.

04In-House Software Design


All software is designed in-house: from prototyping, to testing, to final on-site implementation.

05ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We are committed to superior quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Integrated Automation & IT Systems

From concept to on site commissioning, we will bring you through all the steps necessary to achieve the solution that you require. 

Turnkey Solutions with Vision

“When Factory Automation partnered with us to create the Artificial Sky  we were impressed by their professionalism in all aspects of the design, build, software…”
– Donal Lennon, UCD Earth Institute